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Reduce ESP Energy Consumption by up to 14%

Automation has scores of advantages, but even if your setup has no need for improvement there is an opportunity to improve the efficiency of your operation and lower your production expenditure.  This is why so many operators in energy markets have already made the switch to Permanent Magnet Motors (PMM) in their submersible pumps.

​The performance of PMM’s make them impossible to ignore. 

In energy, 15% of total well cost is associated with operating the well. In water, where completion and stimulation costs a vastly lower, the ratio is even greater.  

The greatest driver of operating cost is electricity. Operators are moving to PMMs because they provide one of the largest opportunities to drive down operating costs.

We researched the standard induction motor in large shale wells and compared the results to our Optimus PMM. The operators stand to save more than $50,000 in Lifetime Operating Expense (LOE) by switching.  This analysis assumes all other variables are equal and only the motor is different during operation.  If your pumps spend any time operating off of rated load, be the hero of your organization and save money!

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