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NO Special Drives
or Training to Upgrade

Permanent Magnet motors using Sensorless Vector Control commonly make 2 times the horsepower of induction motors, but what good is all that horsepower in the lab if you can't count on it in the field?  For those with the resources to commit to new drives and retraining service personnel or troubleshooting installs, it is a viable option.  At ElectromagnetiX, we have a high performance solution that is simple to use and reliable.

Electrical submersible pumps do not allow for rotor position sensors due to the distance between the drive and the motor.  In order to use a permanent magnet motor, it is necessary to pair it with a sensorless drive.  These drives use a control scheme called Sensorless Vector Control.  The purpose of any drive is to switch polarity in the motor windings so that the magnetic field between the rotor and stator stays coupled, producing torque.  The drive control for permanent magnet motors has to know where the rotor is relative to the stator.  Sensorless Vector Control does this by approximating the rotor position based on calculations using the current draw of the motor.  This puts the responsibility on the operator to know very specific electrical characteristics of the installed motor in order to program the drive.  Even if a service is hired to do the setup, the technician will have to be called out again whenever there is an issue.  Operators can’t afford that kind of downtime.

It is remarkable what the operators accomplish every day.  They are capable of keeping production going no matter what and they deserve solutions that are simple and reliable because they never stop producing for their customers!

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